Aaron Hadlow Bio

Aaron Hadlow, born on the 4th of October 1988, is a five-time Pro Kiteboard Association World Champion.   This 21-year-old kiteboarding enthusiast has already encountered big competition in 2006, in the form of Kevin Langeree and Ruben Lenten. His career in the kiteboarding sport became known and dominated from the year 2004 to 2008.  The trick, Double Handlepass Mobe 7’s is one of Hadlow’s vocabulary term and other riders like him are catching up to this.  In 2007, he achieved victory in the Red Bull Kite Punks which happened in Spain. He had beaten strong competitors such as Ruben Lenten and Neil Hilder.

As a kid, Aaron Hadlow was already into sports. He was heavily played football, but he found himself into water sports like his dad. Aaron and his dad were at the beach when he realized about the kinds of sport that involves him in the water.  He likes to fly a kite at the beach at 10 years old, and on the following year he already jumped on a board. A big directional style and Wipika Classic are one of his learned tricks. For Aaron, his passion came from the fun that he experienced as he was starting out and he soon got more devoted in the new sport.

Generally, Aaron found his motivation and enthusiast, and he finally found himself competing with known guys in kiteboarding. That was after three years and turned 14 years old, where he got into water sports among the people he looked up to as the best. Aaron started to compete then, and he always thought that he would have a chance to make it to the top. However, he had realized that it was a bit of a long journey to reach the highest rank. In his young age, he won the championship in 2004. His new tricks worked hand in hand, and that was the key point that kept him to be on the top for five consecutive years.

With Aaron Hadlow’s repertoire of tricks, he has continued and expands those to keep him on the top of competition.  Several of these tricks have come from influences by Neil Hilder and Lewis Crathern who belong to Team Bosch. The first to this move was the Bosch Mobe that is one of his new tricks, where the bar and lines are whipped overhead. His excellent skill in kiteboarding appeals to sponsors mainly, Chiemsee, Flexifoil, Lost Cause Boards, and Red Bull.

In 2010, Hadlow took a break from the world tour of Professional Kiteboard Riders Association. Considering that he looked forward in focusing on other events and international promos. He wanted to continue his series with Ruben Lenten as well. Moreover, from the year 2010, it brought changes to his usual year, after being on tour for seven years. He took some time out to explore his image, brand through with his fan by doing demos, releasing videos, and visiting new places. He is still motivated and love creating brand new tricks that everyone can follow. Above all, Aaron is at the same time looking forward to competing again in the future to show off what he had learnt in his time off.