The 2012 Hadlow ID is a masterpiece from Flexifoil that combines performance and accessibility. Angled wing-tips and an ultimate leading edge give you effortless relaunch. No need to hold back on performing tricks, the Hadlow ID will be airborn in no time if crash it into the water. The bar-pressure is adjusted to perfection, one can easiliy tell where in the sky the kite is positioned with the direct  In the sky, bar pressure gives you knowledge of where the kite is, with direct control even during depower. Freestyle riders such as Aaron Hadlow love this kite due to its consistent and strong pops it deliver. The post-pop slack line feature makes handle passes easier. , Speed and stability helps your progession towards Aaron own standards. The fully supported leading edge creates stability during extreme forces such as big jump and loops. The leading edge’s bridle has its toggle points placed to minimize tube rotation and distortortion. The bridle can also be tuned for a second depower if you ride in strong winds. This kite comes in the sizes 6, 8, 10, 12