Hey kite addicts, I just want to to share with you my experience after running Flexifoil Atom08 half a year.
My friend asked me to test them when my Slingshot Fuel c-kite was getting too worn out and I was immediately hooked. Shall I summarize why I like this kite as much as it is:

  • JUST RIGHT bar pressure, speed, strength.
  • SIMPLICITY easy bridle, single bar, single security that is easy to put together in the water again.
  • FEEL GOOD KITE, the kite stays where you leave it and you can feel easy at the bar on the dash off and more.
  • ADJUSTABLE, Everyone wants to have different characteristics on a kite. Wake riders can easily attach the bridle line into the rear bracket and thus the kite further back in the wind window which means that you can upload more power for pops while wave riders want the front so they will get less bar pressure. The speed can be set by various attachments for rear line. All this is very clearly marked so you do not read a manual on the beach.
  • QUALITY, Damn, I have had tricks at the shore and crashed into the stumps, railings and other shit without any problems, the kite is rock solid.

As a former c-kitare I had the feeling that this kite would be awesome already before I entered the water, a perfect mix of SLE and c-kite.
The steering feels direct (direct contact with the back lines and steering lines), the bar pressure is not to hard and not to slappy, so that you always know where the kite is.
The kite turns at a moderate speed which is appreciated by beginnersĀ  and advanced riders who wants to be able to park the kite during tricks. Even the Atom 5m was turning softly.
The kite turns with lots of power which is good when you jump, steerĀ  yourself into the waves when waveriding or when you’re kitelooping.
Easy and intuitive security triggers.

Wind responsiveness is medium which is good for beginners who do not get a sudden jolt and also for wake style riders who get a lot of bottom drag, believe me you can jump really well with this kite.
The kite has small and simple bridles, simplicity and quality seems to be consistently through the kite. Wind register is as it should be for a SLE kite, wide!
A cool finesse is that are extension lines so that you can alternate between 20m and 25m, making it possible to keep the 7m in stronger winds.
You can really tell that Aaron Hadlow has participated through the product development, such as good grip in the bar, no depower under the bar to get entangled in when making handle passes and much more.

A kite that is suitable for wake style, beginners and wave riders.


  • The factory setting is set to short depower making it difficult to relaunch and depower for beginners and wave riders. Fortunately Flexifoil have color marks so that you can easily adjust this.
  • There is no stopper on the depowern so you can no longer make the deadman, but the kite doesn’t at least fall down or become difficult to reach when you let it go.