Best is known for all their girls posing in bikinis infront of their kites and a Best girl is designated each year.

Flexifoil seems to have picked up the fact that sex sells, or perhaps did they just take a shortcut to become a name on the market. Flexifoil makes great kites and shouldn’t need half naked girls in their advertisements, but the pictures are quite nice after all… if the girl would come with the kite I would definitely order one immediately 🙂 Her name is Lujan Telpuk, and she is a former airport police officer, so you better watch out!  Tulpek got lots of attention after a x-ray scandal when she walked through and x-ray machine with a suitcase filled with $800k. The scandal led to that Lujan Telpuk became an international celebrity and she suddenly appeared on several magazine covers, such as the February 2008 issue in an Argentine Playboy magazine and next month also in a Venezuelan issue of a Playboy magazine.

Maria del Lujan TelpukLujan Telpuk posing infront of Flexifoil kiteLujan Telpuk half naked with Flexifoil kite